4. september 2016

Last week was still a day of summer in Copenhagen with Sun, Sea and ..too little wind, but we had a great day at the Nautic Easy windsurf Challenge and there were 2 exhibitions of waters'art.
I used this opportunity to present some recent and less recent paintings of water and watersport and I had drawn the prices for the 2nd place of windsurf and SUP races.
2nd place price for Windsurf and SUP races

30. juni 2016

More drawings and paintings...

The danish summer is full of light and wind, the perfect combination to feel like painting windsurfers and kitesurfers !! 
It can't be more energetic, one new painting...

21. juni 2016

Next Exhibition during the Windsurf NauticEasy Challenge, come and visit !!

I am so happy to be invited to exhibit at the Windsurf NauticEasy Challenge,  on the 30th August, all day on Amager Strand, THE Copenhagen Beach !

Come and visit the stand and windsurf, this is a team race ! read more here :

 Windsurf NauticEasy Challenge

5. april 2016

starting watersport project !!

This is so nice to start on this watersport project, I am now starting with drawing a lot of the gestures,, I myself love the sea and watersports !!

16. marts 2015

Working more on my climbing project, I wanted to do more drawings and used my black pen. I also wanted to experiment more on the pastel material. I really enjoy the pastel, but it is very hard to maintain as it easily gets removed by the contact of the hand or other texture and is difficult to fix.

Climbing develops incredible body positions and is a challenge to draw, I enjoy it very much !!

Here are some drawings and the pastel..

9. marts 2015

The latest painting on the climbing project, and climbers, after a photo and study session at the setting of a new climbing way with Casper and the team ! Thanks for this session, it was very inspiring for climbers' drawings and painting, I'll post more studies soon, stay tuned !!

8. marts 2015

Climbing project, new painting

hi, one project for 2015 of climbing, here are some sketches, very soon more to come ...